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A port of rikaikun for Opera. Translate Japanese by hovering over words.


Rikaisan is a port of the popular Chrome extension rikaikun, which is an excellent tool for anyone in the process of learning Japanese. Click the icon to activate Rikaisan and it is ready to start translating for you. Simply hover over the text you don't understand and Rikaisan will automatically pick out and look up words and kanjis from the sentence under the cursor.


Head over to the Opera extensions page to find the latest stable version. Alternatively, you could download the source (see section below) then follow these steps to install.


If you're having problems installing from the Opera extensions page, please restart Opera and try again. This is a problem with Opera and not the extension, please do not downrate because of it.



GNU GPL v2.0


Stable version

v0.1 (2012-05-18) zip tar

Latest source

Download as: zip tar

Or clone the git repository: $ git clone git://